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You can construct easily, conveniently and promptly in whatever structure if being constructed with Taekyung hot-water panel.
You can trust if space for beloved family is Taekyung hot-water panel.

  • Ondol type
    Being most basic model, this is one
    which is applied in common
    construction site.
  • Extendable type
    Being a model manufactured by
    latest laminate floor engineering method,
    this is warming floor product which
    can be used not only for our product but
    for anything such as wet method
    or electric panel
  • Floor noise blocking type
    Being a product that floor noise blocking
    function is reinforced to TKBS200 model,
    this is one that is designed by engineering
    method of separating structure between
    floors perfectly, using EVA which prevents
    vibration & resonance, honeycombed
    structure type mat and Styrofoam.
  • Electric boiler
    Taekyung boiler shows incomparable
    value to you due to geared type
    BLDC ultra-low noise pump and high
    calorie generated by 2 heater rods.

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